Is it possible to do the cleanse if I'm experiencing IBS symptoms?

Josh Staub -

It's possible for one who has IBS or SIBO to perform the Ultimate Body Cleanse. However, you will likely have eat lower FODMAP foods that are allowed on the UBC diet


If you are not familiar with the low-FODMAP diet, you can learn more about the diet and obtain a food list by clicking on the link below.


Everyone responds differently during the cleanse depending on their personal health situation. It's actually quite normal to feel a bit "icky" on the cleanse because toxins are eliminated from cells that then enter the bloodstream. This is a good thing because it provides your body the chance to eliminate them but make you feel nauseous or even lethargic at times. In addition, bacterial, yeast and other microorganism populations are re balanced in the intestines which can lead to what is called the Herxheimer Effect, but it usually doesn't last long and once the toxins are cleared, most people report feeling AMAZING and having LOTS OF ENERGY!


We always recommend you check with your doctor or appropriate healthcare professional before taking any of our products. 

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