Why are coffee and other caffeine containing beverages not permitted during the Ultimate Body Cleanse?

Josh Staub -

The Ultimate Body Cleanse cleanse is designed to help shift the body from a sympathetic dominant state (fight or flight) towards a parasympathetic dominant state (rest and digest). Many important processes, including detoxification, rely on the body to be in parasympathetic dominant state. The caffeine in coffee and other caffeine containing beverages, stimulates sympathetic responses in the body that may hinder detoxification abilities., Other factors that stimulate sympathetic responses include identifying with negative thoughts and emotions and eating inflammatory foods, both of which are addressed in the diet or journaling components of the cleanse. With that said, that doesn't necessarily mean that you cannot enjoy appropriate amounts of caffeine from natural sources again, but a dedicated 10 day period or so without caffeine can really jump start whole-body detoxification. 

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