Why do I feel tired all the time? Are there some basic supplements I can take to help increase my energy levels?

Josh Staub -

Fatigue is usually caused by either a micronutrient insufficiency and/or a blood sugar imbalance. Micronutrient insufficiencies impair the central energy pathways that are responsible for creating ATP, the energy currency of the cell. ATP is what fuels our body and gives us energy. Low ATP will result in low energy levels.  Blood sugar imbalances cause short bursts of energy (highs) followed immediately by lows (crashes) that leave one tired and hungry. This occurs when someone eats meals and snacks that are to high in carbohydrates and/or processed foods. It can also occur if someone does not have a regular meal and snack pattern. 

Aceva Daily Balance can help supply micronutrients that may be lacking in the diet. Aceva Sugar Balance is an excellent product that helps support blood sugar control when taken as directed. Another excellent product to promote good blood sugar control is Aceva Peak Protein. It supplies an excellent amount of protein and fiber (contains 20 g of protein and 5 g of fiber per serving) and makes a good addition to meal lacking protein or as a snack in between meals. In addition to supplements, it is important to implement appropriate dietary and lifestyle changes as well. This may include decreasing consumption of processed foods, eating more of a whole foods based diet, consistent meal and snack patterns and reducing stress where possible with activities such as yoga, stretching and meditating. If these steps are taken and you are still experiencing fatigue, you may have a hormone imbalance that needs addressed. Tests kits can be purchased on Aceva.com that test key adrenal hormones. 



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