How is my body composition tracked during the MetaLife program if I can't use the Inbody due to having a pacemaker?

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The Inbody testing precautions are listed below. Yes, it is contraindicated for someone with a pacemaker or other essential support device such as patient monitoring system, to use the Inbody machine. However, these individuals can still do the MetaLife Program and have their weight and body composition tracked using a regular weight scale (one that is not contraindicated for use with medical devices) and body fat calipers to measure body fat levels. Although these individuals cannot use the Inbody, they still need to follow the same applicable precautions when being weighed on a regular scale, such as reweighing under the same conditions, weighing before eating or drinking, using the bathroom before testing, etc. It is also important that body fat measurements be taken by a clinician or other qualified individual who is trained in using body fat calipers because there will be a high level of variability between measurements if this is done by an unskilled individual. 

InBody Testing Precautions

A. Complete Test Before Eating

In cases where the examinee has already eaten, the test should be put off at least for two hours after the meal. Food mass will be included in the subject’s weight resulting in measurement errors.

B. Stay hydrated throughout the day but not before testing
Fluids consumed directly before testing will create an inaccurate increase in total body weight as well as an increase in fat mass. Adequate hydration throughout the day, however, is important. It is encouraged that examinees drink half their body weight (lbs) in ounces during the 24 hours prior to the test.

C. Use the bathroom before testing

Waste is not included in the body composition reading, but the volume of urine and excrement is included in the total weight measurement resulting in measurement errors.

D. Stand upright and still for at least 5 minutes before testing

Conducting the test immediately after lying in bed or sitting for a long period of time might result in a slight change in the test results. This is because the body water tends to move to the lower extremities of the body as soon as one stands or gets up.

E. Do not exercise right before testing

Strenuous exercise or sharp movements can cause temporary changes in body composition.

F. Do not conduct the test right after shower or sauna.

Sweating causes a temporary change in a person’s body composition.

G. Measurements will not be accurate during the menstrual cycle.

Females should still complete the test during the menstrual cycle but it is important to note they will hold excess fluid increasing fluid levels and weight.

H. Conduct the test at normal temperatures (68 -77 °F ).

While the human body is stable at normal temperatures, body composition is susceptible to change in hot or cold weather.

I. If a retest is carried out, make sure to conduct the test under consistent conditions.

This includes testing at the same time of the day, wearing similar clothing and testing before eating or exercising. This is extremely important in order to assure the accuracy of the test results.

* Individuals with medical implant devices such as pacemakers, or essential support devices such as patient monitoring systems, must not take the test.

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