What is the difference between Relax and Calm and Stress Relief?

Josh Staub -

Stress Relief and Relax and Calm are both exceptional products that have a slightly different focus in promoting one's health. Relax and Calm was formulated to support generalized anxiety relief throughout the day and sleep enhancement at night. It is hormone free and does not cause morning drowsiness unlike many sleep medications. The gentle herbal ingredients, the amino acid theanine and magnesium work synergistically to promote tranquility and relaxation.

The primary focus of Stress Relief is to aid in balancing the stress hormones, especially cortisol, to promote homeostasis in the body. It is hormone free and does not contain any stimulants. Stress Relief contains adaptogenic herbal ingredients including Rhodiola and Ashwaghanda that help normalize hormone levels in the body, regardless of whether baseline hormones are excessive or inadequate. In addition to adaptogenic herbs, Stress Relief also contains a unique herbal combination called Relora, which helps mitigate the negative effects of stress on the body.

It should be pointed out that anxiety, stress and sleep problems usually occur together, as stress can promote anxiety and vice versa and both excessive stress and anxiety can lead to poor sleep. Poor sleep can then in turn lead to increased anxiety and stress levels (vicious cycle). When this is considered, both products can provide anxiety, stress and sleep support. However, these benefits will likely be maximized when both products are taken together.  There is no overlap in the ingredients between the two products.



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