Should I be concerned about losing weight during the Ultimate Body Cleanse if I am already thin?

Diane Van Acker -

This is a common misconception about cleansing. The Ultimate Body Cleanse is not a weight loss program however since the caloric intake is reduced there may be a mild reduction in weight during the cleanse. If someone is obese they may lose more substantial weight (20-25 lbs.) during the cleanse. If someone is thin, they may lose a couple of pounds and will most likely regain the weight after 3-5 days after the cleanse. Much of the weight loss with a thin individual doing the cleanse can be from water loss verse fat loss. The solution to pollution in your body is dilution, therefore, when you reduce the toxins in your body you can lose excess, unnecessary water being retained in your body. 

If you are sensitive to weight loss on the cleanse due to being thin, add an additional scoop of protein during Day 4-6 and this should help offset the small weight loss you may experience during the program. I would not let your current weight deter you from cleansing due to the extensive benefits cleansing will provide, including improved gut and hormone function as well as the reduced risk of cancer and chronic disease. 
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