Is the bacteria in the Ultrabiotic coated with a cytoprotectant before freezing?

Josh Staub -

Yes, Aceva® uses proprietary lyoprotective agents to help protect the bacteria through freeze-drying to prevent stress and damage. Our formula both protects the culture during processing and helps maintain viable cell stability after drying. For a limited number of strains, Aceva® adds coating agents to control moisture. For the remaining strains, we control our moisture by standardizing the count with excipient materials.

Here is some addition data on Aceva's probiotic cultures. Our cultures are grown in a proprietery media, free of GMOs, that is engineered to be optimal for bacterial growth. Each fermentation is carefully optimized for temperature, agitation, and duration. Every batch of Aceva probiotic culture is harvested during the exponential growth phase of the bacteria, which means the cells are active and thriving. We never allow bacteria to reach stationary phase, where cells are beginning to go dormant or die. After harvesting a culture, we concentrate the cells to provide a high viable cell count with minimal trace elements from the growth medium.



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