What makes Bone Matrix different from other bone builders such as Fosamix?

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The Bone Matrix Difference

Bone Matrix is a formulation that contains all the minerals and trace elements necessary to help form new bone tissue. The cells that build new bone, called osteoblasts, use these raw ingredients to create the new healthy bone tissue. Bone Matrix has been shown to slow bone loss and in some cases, increase bone mass.

Boniva and Fosimax are in a class of drugs called Bisphosphonates which work in a different method. They block the cells that break down bone called osteoclasts. As a general concept that sounds like a good idea. However, your bone is constantly breaking down and rebuilding to maintain strong and healthy bone tissue.

If you stop the bone breakdown, you will notice harder, stronger bone for the first year or two, however, in the long term the bones are at more risk for fracture. Stopping osteoclasts will make your body stop creating new bone and this is a vital mistake. Bisphosphonates also have many additional side effects that may compromise your health.

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