What is the Wellness Success Course

Joseph Esposito -

We are excited about the opportunity to work with your organization to implement wellness protocols and nutritional solutions. You will be guided through a comprehensive Wellness Success Course that will be provided online to enable you to complete it at your convenience. You will be provided insight about the products, your shopping cart, product ordering, office procedures, lab testing and more. It is strongly urged that you and your team utilize the online trainings in order to provide the greatest clinical outcomes to your patients with the most efficient and profitable delivery system.

Our goal is to customize the nutritional offering to the needs of your clinic. We don’t recommend the cookie-cutter, one style-fits-all office approach. Doctors, philosophies and office procedures differ, and the implementation of nutrition should follow standard processes to create the best outcomes. With that being said, it is important that a foundation of wellness information, products and tools are provided to your patients. A baseline protocol will help all clinicians become more effective, more efficient and more profitable.

If you do not receive the first step of the Wellness Success Course via email within one week of the approval of your wholesale account, check your spam first and ten contact support to resend if necessary.

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