How do Aceva products compare to others on vitamin absorption?

Diane VanAcker -

When your body metabolizes vitamins they are used by the body and eliminated and when eliminated the urine will turn color. If a vitamin is not absorbed at all it will simply leave the body via the stool, never changing the color of the urine. The fact that the urine changes color simply denotes that it was absorbed, filtered by the kidneys and released via the urine. Before elimination the nutrients are in the blood and utilized for thousands of metabolic process before it's release. The color of the urine has no correlation on how valuable it was in the body before release. In fact without any change in color, I would question absorption.

Time released is a theoretically great process but rarely provides any real credence to absorption. The fact of the matter is the entire vitamin is coated in a chemical (usually the same chemical structure as shellac that is used in the garage) that will delay the entire vitamin from breaking down. It doesn't magically cause little bits to break down at a time but simply delays the entire vitamin from dissolution and in some cases cause you to eliminate the product before any absorption ( never changing the urine color).

After working with a multilevel marketing company for a decade and being offered the head research position with Shaklee Corp I understand all the tricks and tactics used by multilevel marketing companies. Heavy marketing, poor ingredients and lots of proprietary blends to hide the actual dose of each ingredient.

The Axiom product of Xyngular uses the worst raw ingredients available on the market which again is stereotypical with multilevel companies that have to pay dividends six levels deep. The product can be made for pennies. The green vegetables used are not organic and most likely riddled with high levels of pesticides. Absolute Greens uses organic vegetables. The most expensive and powerful ingredient in Axiom is resveratrol and it contains 5mg of the ingredient. Absolute Greens contains 600% more resveratrol. Multilevel marketing companies put a sprinkle of quality nutrients in order to be able to market it's clinical use knowing the public has no clue about the dosage necessary to be of any clinical value.

The Accelerate product is a weak herbal remedy with Gaurana which is used for its caffeine content. It would be cheaper and very similar to just buy a cup of coffee.

I don't want to sound cynical but comparing Xingular to Aceva would be like pulling into a Ferrari dealership with a Ford Escort and asking the mechanic if they would compare engines!



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