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Aceva prides itself on the Empty Bottle Guarantee. This allows your patients to use any nutritional product and return it for any reason, within 60–days of purchase, for an unconditional, money–back guarantee.


If a patient purchased the product directly from your place of business, simply have them fill out a Refund Request Form and return the bottle to you, regardless of whether it is full or empty. If you provide the patient with a refund you will receive a product replacement from Aceva as long as you comply with the requirements stated in this policy (see “Reseller Product Replacement and Refunds”).


If your patient purchased the product online and wishes to return it, they MUST return the bottle directly to Aceva at 624 W. Glen Avenue, Peoria, IL 61614 along with a signed Refund Request Form, and a refund will be provided directly to the patient. Patients can find the refund policy, as well as the Refund Request Form, by clicking on “Returns” at the bottom of your custom shopping cart or at the bottom of Aceva.com.


To receive the replacement product when you provide a refund to one of your patients who returned a product at your office, submit the Refund Request Form that was completed and signed by the patient, along with a proof of purchase (copy of the patient’s receipt or copy of their ledger) showing compliance with the 60 Day return policy via mail to Aceva at 624 W. Glen Avenue, Peoria, IL 61614 or via email to support@aceva.com. The Refund Request Form can be found here or under the "My Resources" tab which can be accessed when you are logged into your reseller account.

Once the appropriate paperwork is received and it is determined to meet the Return Policy requirements, a replacement product will be included with your next order. It is your responsibility to only honor those returns from patients that are made within the 60 day guarantee period. Product Replacement requests must be received to Aceva within 30 days of the product being returned to your office from the patient.

Refunds are ONLY provided to resellers for unopened product that is ordered in error. A Refund Request Form, along with the product being returned, must be received by Aceva within 14 days of purchase. Shipping costs are non–refundable. The Empty Bottle Guarantee is for retail customers only.

If you have any questions concerning the Return Policy, please contact the Customer Service Department at (877) 688-7241 or email support@aceva.com. 

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