Does Aceva offer lab tests?

Joseph Esposito -

Yes.  Aceva Tests currently available:


  • Adrenal Profile – Saliva test to measure DHEA and cortisol
  • Celiac Profile – Blood test to measure immune markers present in Celiac Disease
  • Hormone Profile – Salivary test to measure levels of cortisol, DHEA, testosterone, estradiol, and progesterone
  • Platinum Profile – Combination blood and salivary test that includes a full CBC, Glucose, Adrenal, Hormone, Melatonin, red cell magnesium, Vit D, Thyroid Profile and more
  • Thyroid Profile – Comprehensive blood serum test to assess thyroid function
  • Total Hormone Profile – Combination of Hormone Profile and Melatonin 
  • Vitamin D-Hgb A1C Profile – Blood test to reveal Vitamin D deficiencies and blood sugar control




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