How frequently can you do the ultimate cleanse? is every 6 months too soon?

Joseph Esposito -

Actually you are right on. The optimal recommendation for the Ultimate Body Cleanse is every six months. There are so many benefits of the UBC it is one of the best preventative measures you can take to reduce your risk of disease. If you break it down in detail you can really appreciate the many benefits the Ultimate Body Cleanse provides:
1. The discipline to clean up your diet twice a year
2. The ability to reduce the stock pile of toxins in the body
3. The chance to eliminate common food allergies twice per year to support the immune system
4. The ability to clean the gut and support its healing with specific nutrients 
5. The power affect it has on managing blood sugar and reducing carbohydrate cravings
6. The preventative parasite elimination process when done twice a year will prevent them from proliferating
7. The impact it has on raising energy levels
8. The ability to reduce your weight if you have gained in the last six months. 


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