Why am I experiencing heartburn while doing the Ultimate Body Cleanse?

Josh Staub -

Although not common, you may experience heartburn when performing the Ultimate Body Cleanse. Chronic heartburn is oftentimes caused by having insufficient levels of stomach acid, which can occur with prolonged use of acid blocking medication such as Prilosec. Acute heartburn can be caused by many different factors including smoking and ingestion of some food compounds. Foods that can be eaten during the cleanse that may induce heartburn include acidic foods like tomatoes and citrus fruits, spicy foods and spices such as pepper, dried red pepper, cayenne, raw garlic and cocoa. If you changed your diet and started eating more of these foods, that may explain your acute heartburn

In regard to supplements, reflux may occur when taking products on an empty stomach, especially capsule products. If you are not doing so already, take the supplements with food. 

If you had episodes of heartburn before beginning the cleanse and have not been diagnosed as having excessive stomach acid, you may be suffering from inadequate stomach acid. Inadequate stomach acid is a leading cause of heartburn. If excessive stomach acid levels have been ruled out, drinking a small amount of apple cider vinegar diluted in water (using a straw to help protect your teeth) as well as taking Aceva's Gastro Plus can help reestablish sufficient levels of stomach acid. 


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